J. Reinhart

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Form arrives from forms. Sometimes.
scanner wheels
"The urge to destroy is a creative urge." Mikhail Bakunin
our yard as imagined by Lucien
Lucien took these from a scanner/printer and created a picture of our garden.
local scene from the mind of a five and a half year old
This includes our house, garage, boat, dock, lake, and a forest fire on the bottom piece; the smoke extends into the top half which is a picture of the sunset on the left and a night scene on the right. A Mattheus Reinhart original.
Those eastern themes creep in everywhere...
National Forest
Somewheat inspired by one of my father-in-law's pasttimes, I only lament that Lakeside security caught me before I could acquire one particular cigarette package.
spring comes to Wheat Ridge
I have collected a lot of springs.
collagy bird picture
Have I mentioned that I appreciate contrasting odd things?
what more needs to be said?
Working with teenagers, sometimes inspiration strikes. I try to hit back.
an old rake?
Found this somewhere. I appreciate rusted bits of things, and giving them new purpose.
it's watching you
I had to ferret this away from Mattheus several times and sneakily compose this picture. I'm sure I'll find another cable adapter for him sometime...
To commemorate boys' night
When Coco was sick and Opal fell asleep early, Mattheus declared Boys' Night and we listened to Loretta Lynn, also known as "The Country Girl," and worked in the garage. The boys mostly drilled holes in wood.
not to be outdone by his father
Mattheus composed this all on his own. I just helped him finalize the wires. I appreciate the combination of the bamboo framework contrasted with the metal clamp.
Lucien's composition
It's amazing. Mattheus composed several pieces like this when he was Lucien's age. Seemingly, the "hanging stuff on other stuff in a wacky mobile" is a developmental stage, at least in our house, er...garage. This is Lucien's original composition and he insisted it hang in my room.
so many layers....
This is what you get when you put odd things together.
a little push, a little pull
I love finding old frames and discovering what fits in them.
the final frontier
I found a couple laptops and my children have enjoyed dismantling them.
titles make the difference
This is another example where the title is essential.
Peter Falk
My father-in-law sent me this widget as a present. It just reminds me of Peter Falk in "Wings of Desire," a beautiful, incredible film.
my assistants
Behind every great tinkerer is a child.
variations are what makes the world exciting
sometimes less is more
The simplicity.
A friend, Gisela Wielki, makes remarkable pictures in a similar vein to mine. This reminds me of her.
Peter Falk
My version of American Gothic.
based on a collection of barbed wire I saw in Fraser, CO
This is a collection of found wire inspired by a barbed wire collection I saw in Fraser, CO.
collected along the highway in Fraser, CO
This was originally my version of the Batmobile as collected along highway 40. It has not weathered well on the fence, and Batman has adventured away at the hands of my children.
it is
Put together with odds.
I saw a roughly similar picture in a coffee shop around the corner
Inspired by a vaguely similar picture in my local coffee shop, I wated to play with lines and curves on this scavenged frame.
the latest in a long line
This is the orchestral version of earlier wind chime variations.
just saw it
I saw this overalls clasp and saw the picture. The Bill Hicks quote is a bonus.
Mattheus's work
Not to be outdone by his father, Mattheus compiled this hefty wooden truck picture.
found while turning left
I saw these tiles while in the left hand turn lane and returned later that day to collect them in the middle of a very busy road.
paper is wood
I occasionally find great pieces of wood.
damn! the mouse skull fell off
This is a picture of technology at its tastiest.
cutting the bonds
Sometimes simple is better.
a reminder of the beach
These pieces were all found at the beach: old piece of wood, gnarly metal, and shells.
when the devil came he was not red, he was chrome
The red metal piece inspired the poem.
found on the road
I jumped out of the car in the turn lane, dragged this from the muck and handed it to my wife, in the passenger seat.
A simple and still effective chime.
a variant of the barbed wire collection
This is a variation on the barbed wire collection. I find fascinating wires, and I find wires fascinating.
European maps and Toshiba maps
Old school meets new school.
the weathered Reinhart garden sign
I carved this for our garden gate, and when the gate finally came down, I saved it for future use.
a chain link heart
Between the salvaged wood and framed works, a Valentine's memento.
a short ruler
I found this minute measuring device and the title came immediately.